30105 Mailbox Review


This polybag set consists of MiniDoll figure Stephanie, a mailbox with letter, and an outdoor market vendor cart selling flowers, candy and/or cupcakes.

30105_Mailbox_5 30105_Mailbox_4

The mailbox is very similar to the one from Day 17 of the advent calendar.  The only differences are the mailbox top which comes to a tapered point and the letter itself which has different graphics.

30105_Mailbox_3 30105_Mailbox_2

In my opinion, the highlight is the street market cart because it certainly feels like an early reference to Valentine’s Day…with the huge red heart hanging above and the obvious display of flowers and treats.  I think this could be a preview of more sweetness to come!

30105_Mailbox_6 30105_Mailbox_7