2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 4: Lily

Day 4 Lily 1Here we have Lily. Made up of just four parts, she’s decked out in her holiday sweater with festive red santa skirt, red leggings and black boots. With the only two minidolls included in this year’s calendar already out of the way, I can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans Stephanie and Lily get into for the rest of the days.

Day 4 Lily 2

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 3: Festive Street Lamp

Day 3 Festive Street Lamp 1Today’s item is a 10-piece street lamp with a festive green and red holiday ornament attached to the post.  The ornament can be adjusted to any height along the post and it can also be adjusted to any angle of your choice.  As a single lamp post, it doesn’t say much…but in multiples it can definitely increase the festive flair to any Friends holiday street scene.

Day 3 Festive Street Lamp 2

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 1: Stephanie

Did you miss out on getting your Friends Advent Calendar this year? They sold out extremely quickly from every retailer this year long before the winter LEGO Shop@Home catalog came out featuring the calendar. Total bummer. But we’re here to virtually help. LIke last year, Heartlake Friends will be doing a daily reveal of each day’s sets for the next 24 days. It may not be the same as having your own calendar to build through, but hopefully you’ll at least get a little enjoyment out of it.

Today’s set: Stephanie

Day 1: Stephanie

The first item of the Lego Friends Advent Calendar features blond-haired Stephanie sporting cute navy blue lace-up boots, white leggings, a lavender cardigan, a light blue pleated skirt with a matching blue scarf.  She is certainly ready to frolic and play in her holiday wonderland.  The figure consists of four total pieces – hair, head, torso and legs.

LEGO Friends Toy Fair 2013: 41016 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

This is my last post for the Friends Toy Fair coverage and for my last post, I’ll be covering the Advent Calendar for 2013. At first glance this year’s calendar feels a bit more robust than last year. There aren’t any single element days like last year’s day 19 handbag or day 12’s puppy that I can see, so it’s already a step up from before. I’ve put the pictures past the click in case you want to remain spoiler-free. But if you’re curious, there are 14 pictures detailing what you can look forward to.

Thanks for reading our Toy Fair coverage! I hope you enjoy what you see. We’ll be getting back on track with our reviews as soon as I get back home and recover. For now, you can browse all the new sets and budget for August.

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