Amazon Discounts LEGO Friends Sets

Amazon is discounting a handful of LEGO Friends sets, all at least 20% off. The sets are a bit older, but it would be a good time to fill the holes in your collection before they’re retired and harder to find.

3315 Olivia’s House is one of the few Friends sets that has a male minidoll, and it was the ONLY set to have a male minidoll before 41005 Heartlake High and 41015 Dolphin Cruiser came out.

Modified Heartlake High by tikitikitembo

Heartlake High modificationSet 41005 Heartlake High may have just come out but that didn’t stop flickr user tikitikitembo from modifying it into a bigger, better high school building. Using two copies of the set and a pile of bricks from her own collection, she modified it to feature a full second story, a modified roof, tiled sidewalk and bike racks. The back of the building is still open, dollhouse-style, allowing easy access to the interior. Very nice!

If you weren’t lucky enough to purchase 41005 Heartlake High online from Target, you can buy it in store for the same sale price of $39.99. Alternatively, you can buy 41005 Heartlake High from for $49.97

Downtown Bakery and Heartlake High Posts Fixed

I got an email earlier today letting me know that the photos for 41005 Heartlake High weren’t linking correctly to the higher res pictures, but I’ve fixed that. I also noticed that 41006 Downtown Bakery pictures weren’t linking to anything at all. I fixed those too so feel free to browse through those posts.

Thanks go to Heartlake Friends superfan Don Solo for emailing me.

LEGO Friends Toy Fair 2013: 41005 Heartlake High

LEGO is really putting an effort into making Heartlake City a full environment. I was hoping that a school set would be made sooner rather than later and here it is. The other notable thing worth mentioning about Heartlake High is that it is one of two sets that have boy mini-dolls! You get Matthew who is not only a boy, but seem to be African American as well. It’s only a matter of time before an Asian shows up. Like the high school set, I hope that happens sooner rather than later.

41005 Heartlake High

$49.99 USD / $59.99 CAD
487 pieces
Available in August

41005 Heartlake High 1

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