Amazon Discounts LEGO Friends Sets

Amazon is discounting a handful of LEGO Friends sets, all at least 20% off. The sets are a bit older, but it would be a good time to fill the holes in your collection before they’re retired and harder to find.

3315 Olivia’s House is one of the few Friends sets that has a male minidoll, and it was the ONLY set to have a male minidoll before 41005 Heartlake High and 41015 Dolphin Cruiser came out.

Amazon Discounts 3315 Olivia’s House By 21%

Right now, has 3315 Olivia’s House discounted by 21%. Regularly priced at $74.99, you can buy this set for only $59.39! This is a great deal on a great set and currently the only set that has a male mini-doll. There are more male mini-dolls coming in the fall though, so Olivia’s dad won’t be totally alone in the boys’ club.

Amazon also has a few other sets seemingly on permanent discount. 3184 Adventure Camper is $29.00, normally $34.99. And 3188 Heartlake Vet is $38.00, discounted $44.99.

Amazon Discounts Some Friends Sets

I was browsing Amazon earlier and noticed that they put a few LEGO Friends sets on sale. Some of the discounts were the same as we’ve seen before and are pretty good; some are new and are still worth a look ’cause a sale’s a sale, right? Take a look at the list below:

A pretty good list if you ask me. Remember, Amazon ships for free with orders of $25 or more and charges no sales tax to most states.

41019 Turtle’s Little Oasis Review

41019_Turtles_Little_Oasis_1This 33-piece set features the cutest little turtle just relaxing in its little waterfront abode. The blue plate and tan plates do a pretty good job of representing the surf and sand. The turtle’s hut feels pretty substantial and overall the set is pretty nice for what it is even with a price tag of $4.99.

41019_Turtles_Little_Oasis_2 41019_Turtles_Little_Oasis_3 41019_Turtles_Little_Oasis_4

The best part of the set is the turtle and you can’t get it in any other set. The only drawback though is that with its bow on, it’s a little front heavy and has a tendency to tip over. Still, he’s pretty cute. This is one of three animal packs in Series 1. And with Series 2 revealed the other day, you can bet more cute animal packs will be made. Besides, how else would 3188 Heartlake Vet stay in business? We bought our set from Target, but they are also available at Walmart and LEGO Shop@Home

41019_Turtles_Little_Oasis_6 41019_Turtles_Little_Oasis_7 41019_Turtles_Little_Oasis_8

Laugh if you will, but this has been the largest set that I’ve built thus far…certainly a vast progression from sets such as the singular handbag from Advent Calendar Day 19.  I built this set with my daughter and she loves to take the turtle in and out and pretend that it is going up and down the ramp.  The set includes several extra pieces that she likes to stash in the lower level of the turtle’s oasis.

41019_Turtles_Little_Oasis_5You can purchase 41019 Turtle’s Little Oasis from LEGO Shop@Home:

New Series 2 Animal Packs Revealed!

I was sent the following screen shot showing the next three animals in Series 2 of the animal packs:

Series 2 Animal Packs

Google’s language tool says that the three animals are a hedgehog, a poodle, and a rabbit. What’s more is that they will be available in starting in May! Here’s what the block text below the animal pictures translates to:

We just got to Heartlake City and we need a lot of love and cuddles! But when we want a little ‘peace, we take refuge in our houses. Help us to build!

The animals are already available in other sets, but the hedgehog looks like it’s a darker brown the one we’ve already seen in 3188 Heartlake Vet. The rabbit is definitely new in gray since we’ve gotten a white one before. I can’t wait for that one!