LEGO Friends 2014 Advent Calendar Day 18: End Table, Lamp, Book

Friends-2014-Advent-Day-18We continue to be gifted with more interior design elements. Today we get a Christmas-colored end table with a nice bubble lamp and a coffee table book. That book is massive, even by minidoll standards but there’s no other book-type of element so we’re stuck. I think it’s a holdover from the Belleville days and it was used extensively in the Harry Potter line for spellbooks and tomes.

I’m sort of enjoying collecting all of these little builds. What else can we fill our imaginary house with from tomorrow’s build? I can’t wait to find out.


LEGO Friends 2014 Advent Calendar Day 17: Fireplace

Friends-2014-Advent-Day-17Well that’s one way to continue with the interior design meta theme we have going on here: by including some other household construct. In this case, we have a fireplace. Probably one of the more elaborate builds thus far, but that’s not saying much considering how many snoozer days we’ve had so far. So it’s nice to actually build something.


LEGO Friends 2014 Advent Calendar Day 16: Cups, Cake, Muffin


The cups were obvious. The cake… not so much. The muffin? Complete guess. I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t have star-shaped foods. It could be some sort of fancy coaster for one of the cups. And the cake? Could be a giant wheel of brie garnished with a slice of pink grapefruit. I don’t know. This is just another one of those phone in days.


LEGO Friends, Elves, and Disney Princesses Revealed For Next Year

There is a German online retailer catalog on LEGO’s site which you can see right here. It shows off what we can expect to see in the first half of next year. There’s a bunch of new Friends sets and it looks like we are moving away from the jungle theme back to Heartlake City.

Elves is a brand new girls theme. They use the same minidolls as the figures for the sets and use somewhat the same colors as Friends. The hair pieces have pointy ears that stick out much like how elves are portrayed in LEGO minifigures. I’d say we are about one or two years away from having a LEGO Fairies theme.

And Disney Princesses are expanding their line up with four new sets and adding some new castles to the mix: Ariel’s underwater castle and Elsa’s frozen ice palace.

See all of the pictures.

LEGO Friends 2014 Advent Calendar Day 15: Kitchen Sink

I think we’re building a kitchen.


Stove. Counter. Now a sink. And you know, there’s a window. A table. Chairs. Is this a holiday advent calendar or an interior design advent calendar?

I sound like I’m complaining, but I assure you I am not. While there is an inherent relationship between the days as all being part of an advent calendar experience, it is nice to get builds that are interconnected in a more practical way. Unless we start getting more appliances like a refridgerator, this may be the end of the kitchen. We’ll just have to wait and see what the rest of the days bring us.


Target Discounts 3315 Olivia’s House by 20%

3315 Olivia's House

If you’re still out doing some holiday shopping and happen to find yourself at a Target store, you should know that they currently have a temporary price cut on 3315 Olivia’s House. It is 20% off of the MSRP of $74.99, making it just $59.99. They’re out of stock online, but you if it’s at a store in your area, you can purchase it on their website and pick it up in store.

This set is discontinued by LEGO so if you’ve procrastinated getting this set, you should pick one up now.

LEGO Friends 2014 Advent Calendar Day 14: Food


I’m kind of phoning this one in. Much like the Kitchen Accessories from Day 10, for today you get a bunch of tiny food items. You get two carrots, two chicken legs, two glasses, and what I can only assume are two muffins with green frosting. It just feels like LEGO didn’t put much effort into today. And I’m not using that reason as a way to excuse my lowered journalistic standards for today’s post, but as uninspiring today’s build was, I, too, am uninspired to find the silver lining. The amount of clutter generated by Days 10 and 14 is just too much to handle.

LEGO Friends 2014 Advent Calendar Day 13: Kitchen Cabinet


It’s either cheese or butter, but I prefer to think of it as a wedge of cheddar being worshipped by the local primitives, Salt and Pepper, representatives of their respective Seasoning clans. And nothing screams holiday more than cheese in a bell jar. I suppose that could be said about some of the other items from the previous days though. At least it matches up nicely with the stove from yesterday extending the kitchen vignette a bit more. All this cheese talk is making me hungry now.


LEGO Friends 2014 Advent Calendar Day 12: Apple Pancakes


This is exactly the same as the Fiery Wreath from Day 9, and by exactly the same I mean they are all mysterious objects. I only called them Apple Pancakes because that’s what the two big red things look like. That little pot has a two 1×1 red round plates stacked one on top of the other. Could be spaghetti sauce in the pot? And maybe the two apple pancakes are actually pasta dishes drowning in marinara sauce garnished with a little parsley? Yeah, that’s the ticket. That’s what they’ll be and if anyone asks, they’re doing it wrong.