LEGO Friends 2014 Advent Calendar Day 4: Fawn


Well this was an unexpected surprise! When the last few calendars would give us an animal, it would be just that, just the animal. So getting this vignette, however small, is actually quite nice. It puts the fawn in context of a winter scene which is perfect for the advent calendar. Overall, I am very pleased with today’s offering.


LEGO Friends 2014 Advent Calendar Day 3: Gift and Basket


There’s a bad and a good to what Day 3’s gift has for us. The bad? It’s a paltry 4 pieces making up a small gift and a basket. The good? It’s not the worst. If this year’s calendar is anything like years past, there will be days where you will get a single element. So by that standard, today’s gift isn’t all that bad. You do get a spare flower piece so there’s that…


LEGO Friends 2014 Advent Calendar Day 2: Sled

Friends-2014-Advent-Day-2Today’s reveal is a small sled, or toboggan if you prefer. It’s a bit weird since it’s built sideways and because of that it’s really thick giving the rider a really high center of gravity. That can’t be good for sledding down a hill at high speed. Maybe tomorrow’s reveal will be a snow bluff for a soft landing. Or a first-aid kit.



LEGO Friends 2014 Advent Calendar Day 1: Mia

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I last updated this site. Ugh. Clearly I’m not great at this but you know what? I’m not going to dwell on it and just try and look ahead to the future. It’s time to get back into it and kick things back into high gear. LEGO’s got some AWESOME things up the pipeline coming out next year and it’s time to share my enthusiasm for all things Friends. So, with that, let’s get back into the groove slowly but surely with an annual tradition of reviewing the Advent Calendar.

Friends-2014-Advent-Day-1First up on day 1 we get Mia! She’s looking well dressed in her light purple cardigan, scarf, and dark pants. They’re probably dark jeans to keep things comfortable and casual. She’s one of the two exclusive minidolls in this set. She doesn’t come with any accessories, but I suppose that’s what the next few days will provide us and her with.

Onward and upward!

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 24: Gift

Day 24 Gift 1The final last set to this year’s advent calendar is a sweet blue and white gift box topped with a printed white gift tag.  Made of 12 pieces, this set is the perfect way to wrap up this series.  After all, Friends love exchanging gifts and spreading joy everywhere they go.

Day 24 Gift 2Thanks for hanging out with us for the past 24 days. We’ll be sharing more reviews and news in the next few days/weeks/months so check back often.

Merry Christmas!


2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 23: Squirrel

Day 23 Squirrel 1And today we finally meet the cute little brown squirrel with its sweet purple bow on its swishy tail.  Nothing to build with this set other than attaching the bow onto the tail.  He fits just fine in yesterday’s basket, but you can also add him to the long bed from Day 9’s Pet Bed.  There is an extra purple bow just in case the other one gets lost.

Day 23 Squirrel 2 Day 23 Squirrel 3 Day 23 Squirrel 4

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 22: Basket

Day 22 Basket 1Today’s item is the little blue basket that attaches to the tree.  Made of eight pieces, this set looks to be the permanent residence of the cute little squirrel who we have yet to meet.  I now see why the tree was designed the way it was…so as to accommodate for the squirrel and its cute little dwelling.  There is one extra white ornament piece which I easily attached to the tree branch.

Day 22 Basket 2 Day 22 Basket 3

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 21: Music Sheet

Day 21 Music Sheet 1Here’s another set that has me stumped.  Seven pieces make up two elements – the obvious one looks like sheet music but the other element I can only guess to be a microphone or a megaphone – I honestly have no clue.  There are four extra pieces that make up a second microphone/megaphone.  These items will surely come in handy when Friends go caroling together.

Day 21 Music Sheet 2

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 20: Christmas Tree

Day 20 Christmas Tree 1

Finally a holiday tree!  I was wondering when this set was going to appear.  Made of 18 pieces, this grand little tree features four hanging ornaments and a shining golden star tree topper.  There is an extra star piece and an extra ornament piece, which I have easily placed under the tree just to make things more festive.  My only wish is that it could be built in such a way to make it viewable from all sides instead of one side only.

Day 20 Christmas Tree 2

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 19: Fire Stand

Day 19 Fire Stand 1Today’s four-piece set looks to be some kind of outdoor fire stand.  I’ve never seen anything like this in real life, but I imagine it can easily be a hand warmer, face defroster, marshmallow roaster, or just a general warmth generator.  The set also comes with an extra flame piece with its accompanying brown charcoal/wood briquette.

Day 19 Fire Stand 2