Contest Deadline Extended

Happy New Year!

I realize we were supposed to close out the official site launch contest last night, but due to the holidays and half the family fighting illness, I’ve decided to extend the deadline by a few more days. The contest will definitely close on 11:59pm PST Sunday January 6, 2013. Just to recap the contest, there are three chances to win some great LEGO Friends sets:

  • #1: Register on the site AND comment on this post. One commenter will be selected at random as the winner. The prize? 1 copy of 3185 Summer Riding Camp (MSRP $99.99).
  • #2: Like us on Facebook. One liker will be selected at random as the winner. The prize? 1 copy of 3315 Olivia’s House (MSRP $69.99).
  • #3: Follow us on Twitter. One follower will be selected at random as the winner. The prize? 1 copy of 3189 Heartlake Stables (MSRP $49.99).

And just to reiterate: to win 3185 Summer Riding Camp, you MUST be BOTH registered AND comment on the LEGO Friends Turns One post.  Many of you have registered but haven’t submitted a comment yet.

Amazon Has All New Friends Sets In Stock

Well, the holidays are over and while we had a blast, it’s time to get back to running this site. If you have holiday money to spend and are looking to get some LEGO Friends sets, Amazaon may have just what you’re looking for. They have all of the newest sets, some even on sale. If you’re looking for the cute animal packs though, you’ll need to go to LEGO Shop@Home for that one. Links are below:

LEGO Friends: First Year Controversy

As many of you may already know, this first year of LEGO Friends has generated some heated debates about practically every aspect of these sets…the pastel color palettes, the introduction of named MiniDolls, the mostly female-populated make-believe environ of Heartlake City, and the myriad of professions targeting young girls who may someday aspire to be such professionals.  Whether these sets are hated or loved, one thing is for sure – they’ve got people from both sides engaged in an ongoing dialogue.  This post from the site The Brothers Brick pretty much recaps the year’s key points regarding this debate.

My own initial reaction to LEGO Friends was lukewarm at best.  Our house leans heavy on the testosterone-driven themes of Star Wars and the like (thanks to my husband being the avid collector), so LEGO Friends did pique my interest only because it was different from the usual standard fare.  I had always hoped for a girl-driven LEGO collaboration such as with Sanrio’s Hello Kitty (and yes I know about Mega Blocks Hello Kitty sets, but Mega Blocks doesn’t stand a chance in comparison to LEGO on so many levels and I still can’t imagine how Sanrio contracted with them in the first place).  Anyway, my initial ho-hum reaction to the LEGO Friends sets steadily grew and became a sincere appreciation for their creativity, diversity and playability.  Our daughter is still young and currently loves building with Duplo and I know that she will enjoy playing with the Friends series even more so.  And if our now infant son grows up and wants to play alongside his sister with LEGO Friends, I would have absolutely no problem with that.  I agree with many other parents in this regard…the gender specificity of LEGO Friends doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore because it’s all about building, creating and stimulating imagination and growth.

LEGO Friends Turns One!

LEGO-FRIENDSOne year ago from today, LEGO Friends was released to the world and we are thrilled to be officially launching this site in celebration of this momentous occasion!  If you’re already a regular visitor, we thank you and hope that you are enjoying all that we are sharing with you so far.  And if you’re new and just checking us out, we hope that you like what you see and plan to re-visit often…especially since we’ve got lots of fun things in the works including contests and giveaways!  And with that being said, we’re having our very first giveaway right now!

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Different Molds For Different Folks

Flickr user David Pickett (fallentomato) posted the below photo showing the differences between the male and female minidolls:

Minidoll dimorphism

I haven’t opened up 3315 Olivia’s House yet so I haven’t discovered this on my own so big thanks go to fallentomato for the image. I can only assume that more male minidolls will be made in the future. But looking at 2013 sets, there aren’t any more so far and Peter can’t be the only male living in Heartlake City. Molds are expensive and I’m sure LEGO is going to want to recoup the cost of making Peter as much as possible.

Hello world!

Welcome to the very first post here at Heartlake Friends!

I am so excited about this new endeavor because there is so much fun to share about this relatively new LEGO series targeted exclusively towards female builders.  Even my husband who is a huge LEGO Star Wars fan found himself curiously engaged by this series.  We are just getting started and there are plans for set guides, set reviews, news announcements and even a live forum where people can connect with other like-minded Heartlake Friends enthusiasts.   Even with all this irresistible hubbub, the core of this project is the heart of our little family because it’s something that we all enjoyably participate in.  At the risk of sounding like a big cheeseball, I must admit that LEGO Friends brings us all closer together.  Awww…sniffle…

So from our family to yours, we hope you enjoy the site and re-visit often!  We look forward to getting to know as many Friends fans as possible.