LEGO Shop@Home Puts Friends on Clearance

LEGO Shop@Home is putting most if not all of the earlier Friends sets on clearance. They are all seeing a 20% discount. Now the sad thing is is that all of the sets are already marked as “sold out” or “retired”. The exception to that is that 3938 Andrea’s Bunny House will be restocked on January 12, 2013. The good news is that if you live near a LEGO store, the clearance discount will apply on the sets they still have in stock. The sale starts on December 25th online and on December 26th in store.

Amazon Has 41008 Heartlake City Pool In Stock! is selling 41008 Heartlake City Pool for $39.99. It’s the same price as LEGO Shop@Home, but you get Free Super Saver Shipping in time for Christmas if you order in the next three days. Also there’s no sales tax to most states. Shop@Home offers VIP Points and free shipping if you order $49 or more, but charges sales tax.

In addition to the City Pool set, they also have 41007 Heartlake Pet Salon in stock for $29.76. They also have all of the $9.99 sets such as 41011 Stephanie’s Soccer Practicebut the price is $2 more than what Shop@Home charges.

LEGO Shop@Home Has More 2013 Friends Sets In Stock!

LEGO Shop@Home is now selling most if not all of the January 2013 Friends sets. They are:

They also have more sets listed, but not shipping until December 17th:

I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those animal packs!

LEGO Shop@Home Sells Two New 2013 Friends Sets

There are two new sets from the 2013 assortment for sale on LEGO Shop@Home.

First up is 41007 Heartlake Pet Salon:

This set costs $29.99 and comes with 242 pieces. It includes new designs for Emma and a new Friend minidoll character, Joanna.

The other new set is 41008 Heartlake City Pool:

The City Pool set costs $39.99 and like the Pet Salon set, it introduces a new character: Isabella! It also comes with a new version of Andrea. You get 423 pieces that make up a pool, hot tub, food stand, and table and chairs.