3316 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Day 22: Holiday Tree

day22Decked out in four red ornaments and a golden star, this holiday tree boasts a whopping total of 17 pieces!  Just seems like a lot of pieces for such a small tree.  Being a very inexperienced novice builder, this little tree stumped me a bit with the green branch elements and the brown circular tree trunk parts.  I finally figured it out without asking for help.  Woohoo!  Happy to learn something new…no matter how insignificant.  This is what my kid must feel like all the time because everything is new to her!

3316 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Day 21: Fireplace

day21This fireplace is made up of 21 pieces including what I can only assume are holiday mantle decorations.  I like the use of the brown opaque round element as the fire log and the clear orange round pieces as the glowing fire and embers.  I can just imagine relaxing in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a pair of warm fuzzy slippers…cuz baby it’s cold outside!

LEGO Friends: First Year Controversy

As many of you may already know, this first year of LEGO Friends has generated some heated debates about practically every aspect of these sets…the pastel color palettes, the introduction of named MiniDolls, the mostly female-populated make-believe environ of Heartlake City, and the myriad of professions targeting young girls who may someday aspire to be such professionals.  Whether these sets are hated or loved, one thing is for sure – they’ve got people from both sides engaged in an ongoing dialogue.  This post from the site The Brothers Brick pretty much recaps the year’s key points regarding this debate.

My own initial reaction to LEGO Friends was lukewarm at best.  Our house leans heavy on the testosterone-driven themes of Star Wars and the like (thanks to my husband being the avid collector), so LEGO Friends did pique my interest only because it was different from the usual standard fare.  I had always hoped for a girl-driven LEGO collaboration such as with Sanrio’s Hello Kitty (and yes I know about Mega Blocks Hello Kitty sets, but Mega Blocks doesn’t stand a chance in comparison to LEGO on so many levels and I still can’t imagine how Sanrio contracted with them in the first place).  Anyway, my initial ho-hum reaction to the LEGO Friends sets steadily grew and became a sincere appreciation for their creativity, diversity and playability.  Our daughter is still young and currently loves building with Duplo and I know that she will enjoy playing with the Friends series even more so.  And if our now infant son grows up and wants to play alongside his sister with LEGO Friends, I would have absolutely no problem with that.  I agree with many other parents in this regard…the gender specificity of LEGO Friends doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore because it’s all about building, creating and stimulating imagination and growth.

3316 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Day 20: Flower Arrangement

day20This holiday flower arrangement consists of eight pieces featuring a set of red poppy-looking flowers, a leafy green element and a set of white something or other (another type of flower that grows straight out of the ground or perhaps rocks?  I have no idea).  But it’s all very cute nonetheless and would look great as part of a larger outdoor landscape or even as part of an interior tabletop decor.

LEGO Friends Turns One!

LEGO-FRIENDSOne year ago from today, LEGO Friends was released to the world and we are thrilled to be officially launching this site in celebration of this momentous occasion!  If you’re already a regular visitor, we thank you and hope that you are enjoying all that we are sharing with you so far.  And if you’re new and just checking us out, we hope that you like what you see and plan to re-visit often…especially since we’ve got lots of fun things in the works including contests and giveaways!  And with that being said, we’re having our very first giveaway right now!

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3316 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Day 18: Gift Box

day18This gift box has eight green and white elements including the top piece that resembles a gift tag/card/envelope that can be turned for a more organic asymmetrical look.  To be honest, I wasn’t 100% certain that it was a gift box at first and had to verify with my husband.  Now that I’ve been looking at it a bit longer, I can’t help but think “duh silly…what else can it be?”

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