2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 14: Fountain

Day 14 Fountain 1

Today’s item is a seven-piece set resembling some kind of ice sculpture or perhaps a water fountain that has been frozen over. Even though I’m not completely certain, it will still look nice in a holiday street scene adding to the overall festive atmosphere. There’s also another extra pink flower piece that can easily be added as extra holiday decor to anything!

Day 14 Fountain 2

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 11: Bag of Money

Day 11 Bag of Money 1

Today’s advent calendar item is a four-piece set consisting of a pink basket, a printed green $100 bill, and two gold coins. Basically, a bag of money. Now this is what I’m talking about. Who wouldn’t love a bag of money as a gift?!?! This could actually be a “before” scene with your purse before blowing all your cash on holiday shopping. There is nothing to build…just simply put the monies inside the basket. Not too impressive. Hopefully there will be something better tomorrow.

day 11 Bag of Money 2

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 10: Accessories

Day 10 Accessories 1

No pet in today’s offering to go with yesterday’s assumed pet bed. Instead, today’s advent calendar item features a 20-piece set of all purple hair styling tools and accessories. The set includes blow dryer, a comb, a brush, a mirror and an assortment of bows, stars, hearts and butterfly accessories. There is nothing to build…just a large collection of single pieces.

Day 10 Accessories 2

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 9: Pet Bed

Day 9 Pet Bed 1

This 19-piece has me completely stumped. I have no idea what it is supposed to be. The pieces make up two elements – the bigger one appears to have a pink open container with a decorative holiday wreath on the front; and the smaller one is brown and squarish and has a pink decorative piece on the front. They could be a pet bed and some other pet accessory. Last year’s calendar included a puppy and some puppy accessories on the next day. So this may be that: accessories for a pet that we haven’t gotten yet. Only time will tell…

Day 9 Pet Bed 2

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 8: Treats

Day 8 Treats 1

Today’s advent calendar item features two mugs (one in red and the other in yellow) for some delicious heart-warming hot cocoa. There is also a carton of milk and some kind of stacked element which I am interpreting as some other condiment for hot cocoa…a container of marshmallows perhaps? Or a cupcake? A really big cookie?

Day 8 Treats 2

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 6: Bottles

Day 6 Bottles 1

I’m not completely certain what today’s advent calendar item is supposed to be. There are eight pieces that combine to form four elements which I am guessing to be ornaments, bottles, or some kind of bejeweled decor. As usual, there are some extra pieces, three to be exact. I am hoping that there will be a tree of some kind in the coming days…otherwise today’s item is simply baffling.

Day 6 Bottles 2