Target Has BOGOHO on LEGO Friends and LEGO City Through 12/14

Maybe you’re like me and the thought of stepping inside another Toys’R’Us store gives you the heebee jeebees. After what I went through to secure that Beach House set, I’ve pretty much sworn off stepping inside another retail location until January. But hey, you’re in luck: this week through Saturday, Target stores and are having a Buy One Get One Half Off sale on select toy brands. It says so in their weekly ad. Included in that sale are LEGO Friends and LEGO City so you can take care of that LEGO fanboy and fangirl in your life at the same time. There is a slight restriction that the BOGOHO discount only applies on toys of the same brand, so you can’t mix the Nerf with the LEGO set and get one of them half off. Both items have to be Nerf, or both LEGO, or whatever else is included on that sale.

Unfortunately, all LEGO Friends are “currently unavailable online”. BUT you can now purchase the item online and do a store pickup. That feature is currently in beta so I can’t say how reliable the system is yet. I’m tempted to try it out though.

41037 Stephanie’s Beach House Found!

41037 Stephanie's Beach House

If you’re still doing some Christmas shopping and are having a hard time finding a good gift for that LEGO Friends maniac in your life, keep your eyes peeled for some of the 2014 sets. They sometimes trickle out onto store shelves early depending on when they get their shipments. 41037 Stephanie’s Beach House is new for 2014 and was found at a Toys’R’Us. We went ahead and purchased it and will be doing a review of the set real soon.

If you do venture out to a Toys’R’Us store in hopes of finding some new sets, please be aware of the “TRU tax”. Toys’R’Us stores typically add an additional markup on top of MSRP, and this markup increases the closer it gets to Christmas.

We’ve reported before on new Friends sets for January 2014 so take a look at the images in that article to know what to look out for.

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 8: Treats

Day 8 Treats 1

Today’s advent calendar item features two mugs (one in red and the other in yellow) for some delicious heart-warming hot cocoa. There is also a carton of milk and some kind of stacked element which I am interpreting as some other condiment for hot cocoa…a container of marshmallows perhaps? Or a cupcake? A really big cookie?

Day 8 Treats 2

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 6: Bottles

Day 6 Bottles 1

I’m not completely certain what today’s advent calendar item is supposed to be. There are eight pieces that combine to form four elements which I am guessing to be ornaments, bottles, or some kind of bejeweled decor. As usual, there are some extra pieces, three to be exact. I am hoping that there will be a tree of some kind in the coming days…otherwise today’s item is simply baffling.

Day 6 Bottles 2

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 4: Lily

Day 4 Lily 1Here we have Lily. Made up of just four parts, she’s decked out in her holiday sweater with festive red santa skirt, red leggings and black boots. With the only two minidolls included in this year’s calendar already out of the way, I can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans Stephanie and Lily get into for the rest of the days.

Day 4 Lily 2

2013 Friends Advent Calendar Day 3: Festive Street Lamp

Day 3 Festive Street Lamp 1Today’s item is a 10-piece street lamp with a festive green and red holiday ornament attached to the post.  The ornament can be adjusted to any height along the post and it can also be adjusted to any angle of your choice.  As a single lamp post, it doesn’t say much…but in multiples it can definitely increase the festive flair to any Friends holiday street scene.

Day 3 Festive Street Lamp 2