New Friends 2014 Set Images


Hoth Bricks posted a few hours ago some images of new Friends sets for 2014: 41027 Mia’s Lemonade Stand, 41028 Emma’s Lifeguard Post, and 41029 Stephanie’s New Born Lamb. These look to be in the $10 price range of sets given their piece count. The most popular one would have to be 41027 Mia’s Lemonade Stand, pictured above, for two reasons. One, it has cookies. And two, it’s a cheap way to get the new scooter in a new color that until now was thought to be exclusive to the recently announced modular building, 10243 Parisian Restaurant. More pics below:

1398414_546173122118312_1863271304_o 1276506_546172898785001_1780407104_o 1294290_546172635451694_1320628070_o 1273287_546172802118344_806176483_o 1264019_546172795451678_1717631380_o 53719_546173408784950_264053504_o886423_546173318784959_710331955_o 1172471_546172958784995_400973099_o 857915_546173062118318_429062094_o 1294267_546173048784986_1526399629_o 1147477_546173142118310_1087444257_o 1266920_546172678785023_1707321041_o1398512_546172572118367_790360020_o 902846_546172502118374_1409839088_o 1278920_546172508785040_1700759879_o 1278092_546172522118372_2023726653_o