5000245 Stephanie Review

5000245-Stephanie-1Here is another polybag set for Stephanie…yes just Stephanie and nothing else.  This is kind of a pointless set in my opinion because there’s nothing to really talk about. This particular version of Stephanie is available in three other sets: 3063 Heartlake Flying Club, 30105 Mailbox (which we just reviewed), and 3183 Stephanie’s Cool Convertible, so this version is not really that hard to get. It would have been nice to have her in a new outfit to make it worth acquiring one. I suppose I can mention that the set includes a blue 2×2 brick which acts as the stand for the mini-doll.  Also my three year-old daughter took Stephanie’s hairpiece and tried to put it on her own head and said “that’s not for me.”  She then proceeded to put it on my head as well.  I thought that was just too cute not to share! 5000245-Stephanie-2Here’s what the packaging looked like: