Friends Building Event at Toys’R’Us Review

Event 1So we went to our local TRU store and participated in the Friends Building Event for the cute little wishing well set.  We’ve been to other similar building events so we were prepared for the usual expected chaos, confusion and overall disorganization.

However, we got there almost an hour into the event and had missed the initial rush, so we were able to leisurely take our time and enjoy the building experience.  Furthermore, the event was surprisingly well organized with all the pieces sorted into their individual trays; and each tray was labeled with the quantity required to build the set.

Event 2We were handed a plastic baggie and guided down the row of trays where we counted out each of the pieces and put them in our baggie.  Then there was a separate table where we were able to build the set with the printed instructions if we wanted to build it right then and there.  But we opted to build at home instead.

Event 3And as an added bonus, we also got a little polybag consisting of a folded map of Heartlake City, a purple butterfly shaped notepad, a puffy sticker and a cute Friends puppy keychain!

Event 4

I thought that the wishing well was a unique idea because it’s not a very common thing to find out in the real world these days.  I suppose a wishing well can be a symbol for hope, dreams and imagination…which certainly reinforces the goals of Lego building quite well.   Our girl is a bit too young to explain these things to for now, but she really enjoyed building the wishing well and was happy to add it to her collection.

Event 5

We also got a poster playmat as another parting gift which you can place the wishing well on. It wouldn’t be too terrible of an idea to get the poster laminated so it’ll last more than a single play session. In terms of complexity, the well was super easy to build.  And in terms of playability, it can easily be added to almost any environment that incorporates an outdoor setting.  Happy Wishing, Friends!

Event 6

Event 7