Amazon Discounts 3315 Olivia’s House By 21%

Right now, has 3315 Olivia’s House discounted by 21%. Regularly priced at $74.99, you can buy this set for only $59.39! This is a great deal on a great set and currently the only set that has a male mini-doll. There are more male mini-dolls coming in the fall though, so Olivia’s dad won’t be totally alone in the boys’ club.

Amazon also has a few other sets seemingly on permanent discount. 3184 Adventure Camper is $29.00, normally $34.99. And 3188 Heartlake Vet is $38.00, discounted $44.99.

Friends Building Event Tomorrow at Toys’R’Us Stores

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a month since our last update. We’ll try and be better about making more posts.

friendseventAre you looking for something to do with your kids tomorrow Saturday March 23rd from 12 noon to 2pm? Head on over to your local Toys’R’Us store and join in the LEGO Friends building event. The event is free and you can build the wishing well you see above while supplies last.