LEGO Friends: 2012 Best Seller

I came across this article about the LEGO Friends series awhile back and thought it would be nice to share with our kind readers who have all been so supportive of our growing little blog.  According to the article, LEGO Friends far exceeded sales expectations in 2012 by selling twice as much and has even continued to gain greater momentum despite all the initial controversy surrounding issues of gender specificity.  The article provides a great recap about the controversial issues including responses from LEGO headquarters and the protesting group SPARK (Sexualization Protest: Action Resistance Knowledge).  The ongoing dialog between the two sides has seen positive results thus far, as evident in the growing variety of Friends characters and their accompanying sets.

And in case you may be interested in the actual sales figures and statistics, this recent article provides a good overview about the impact that LEGO Friends has had on their business growth.  It sounds like nobody expected Friends to sell so well…not even LEGO!  Not only is this good news for them, it is also great for fans like us because it means we can look forward to more variety, sustainability and longevity of LEGO Friends!

Personally, I never really had a problem with the girly sets such as the 3187 Butterfly Beauty Shop or 3938 Andrea’s Bunny House, but I am extremely happy to see more sets such as 41002 Emma’s Karate Class and 3063 Heartlake Flying Club that focus more on specific skills/talents/hobbies rather than vanity and cuteness. 
With my daughter, I praise her ability to draw, to count and to read and I always tell her how smart she is instead of how cute she looks.  Don’t get me wrong, she is wickedly cute no doubt…but I just want her to learn that her intelligence and abilities will carry her far in life…farther than her sweet face ever will.   And these new Friends sets are right in line with my thoughts in teaching her to imagine with her mind and embrace with her heart.