New Series 2 Animal Packs Revealed!

I was sent the following screen shot showing the next three animals in Series 2 of the animal packs:

Series 2 Animal Packs

Google’s language tool says that the three animals are a hedgehog, a poodle, and a rabbit. What’s more is that they will be available in starting in May! Here’s what the block text below the animal pictures translates to:

We just got to Heartlake City and we need a lot of love and cuddles! But when we want a little ‘peace, we take refuge in our houses. Help us to build!

The animals are already available in other sets, but the hedgehog looks like it’s a darker brown the one we’ve already seen in 3188 Heartlake Vet. The rabbit is definitely new in gray since we’ve gotten a white one before. I can’t wait for that one!