3316 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Day 18: Gift Box

day18This gift box has eight green and white elements including the top piece that resembles a gift tag/card/envelope that can be turned for a more organic asymmetrical look.  To be honest, I wasn’t 100% certain that it was a gift box at first and had to verify with my husband.  Now that I’ve been looking at it a bit longer, I can’t help but think “duh silly…what else can it be?”

Amazon Has 41008 Heartlake City Pool In Stock!

Amazon.com is selling 41008 Heartlake City Pool for $39.99. It’s the same price as LEGO Shop@Home, but you get Free Super Saver Shipping in time for Christmas if you order in the next three days. Also there’s no sales tax to most states. Shop@Home offers VIP Points and free shipping if you order $49 or more, but charges sales tax.

In addition to the City Pool set, they also have 41007 Heartlake Pet Salon in stock for $29.76. They also have all of the $9.99 sets such as 41011 Stephanie’s Soccer Practicebut the price is $2 more than what Shop@Home charges.

3316 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Day 13: Stool and Bowl

Today’s model is a stool and what I can only assume is a bowl with water in it represented by the 1×1 trans-blue round studs for the puppy you get from the day before. I guess the stool is for the puppy too. It kind of makes sense since LEGO’s usually puts a minidoll’s accessories in the next day’s model. Why not for a dog?