3316 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Days 1-7

Okay, so I started this blog a little late, so I’m going to try and catch up with 3316 Friends Advent Calendar. I’m going to review each days model in a separate post, but this post will have the first seven days in one. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Day 1: Olivia

Here we have Olivia in a never-before-seen outfit featuring a holiday print on her sweater. She’s wearing a blue skirt with pink leggins and white shoes. It’s nice to start the calendar off with a new version of a friend minidoll.

Day 2: Pink Sled

The sled is made up of nine pieces and is pretty small. There’s a vertical handle of some type on the back that I can’t figure out what the use is for. It kinda looks like a mini spaceship of some kind. A mini pink spaceship.

Day 3: Festive Street Light

This street lamp is made up of 12 pieces and effectively conveys a decorated street light.

Day 4: Skis

A pair of bright blue skis, perfect to go with Olivia from Day 1, but I do wish they just came with Olivia at the beginning so we can get another model for today.

Day 5: Snowman

The snowman is made up of seven pieces and is kind of short compared to the minidolls. A simple but effective build.

Day 6: Christina

Christina is wearing a very holiday themed outfit with a Christmas tree and snow print on the chest, red skirt, and black boots with white socks. It would have been nice to see her in a more traditional Santa outfit with white frill around the skirt and no printing, but this is close enough.

Day 7: Accessories

This day was just a bag full of accessories all made in light aqua. You get a number of items including stars, a hairbrush, tiara, hair dryer, and bows. This is the only set that these accessories come in made in light aqua. I may have to buy another set to get more! Such a pretty color.

And that’s it for now! The first week of advent models is done and now I’m all caught up. I’ll be posting one model a day for the rest of