Hello world!

Welcome to the very first post here at Heartlake Friends!

I am so excited about this new endeavor because there is so much fun to share about this relatively new LEGO series targeted exclusively towards female builders.  Even my husband who is a huge LEGO Star Wars fan found himself curiously engaged by this series.  We are just getting started and there are plans for set guides, set reviews, news announcements and even a live forum where people can connect with other like-minded Heartlake Friends enthusiasts.   Even with all this irresistible hubbub, the core of this project is the heart of our little family because it’s something that we all enjoyably participate in.  At the risk of sounding like a big cheeseball, I must admit that LEGO Friends brings us all closer together.  Awww…sniffle…

So from our family to yours, we hope you enjoy the site and re-visit often!  We look forward to getting to know as many Friends fans as possible.